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isoAKKT – Engineering was founded in September 2005 in Thessaloniki, Greece, by the partnership of Engineers, whose professional activity and experience, as well as the high level of training, guarantees the quality and credibility of its course. The company resulted from the partnership of private offices, which since its foundation, is in a continuous course of growth and is established in the field of public and private projects’ design. With the existing experience of its founding members and basic shareholders and driven by the perfect organization and excellent cooperation of the capable staff and permanent associates, AKKT - Engineering was established in a wide range of designs and established relationships of trust and respect with each customer or partner. These relations document the consistency in overall quality principles of the company and ensure the strict path as a strong and credible consultant and designer.
The completeness of the scientific staff and the most updated equipment gives AKKT - Engineering the flexibility to meet specific requirements of work diversity and volume of each project, providing responsible specialized services tailored to individual customer requirements (of an individual or a public or private entity). The continuous education and training of the staff and continuous update of the equipment, form a dynamic relationship of the company with the rapidly evolving scientific and technological progress.
The above references do not  just outline some general goals, but they identify the current framework of corporate philosophy, under which AKKT - Engineering has been working since its foundation.

Asphalt paving or rural roads in the Municipality of Lagadas

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